(2 day course with a maximum occupancy of 8 students)

The following topics are covered in the Telehandler Course:

  • Duties of Employers, Supervisors, and Employees under the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Specific legislation as it applies to telehandlers
  • Forklift types and classes
  • Specific components and terminology
  • Center of gravity
  • Stability
  • Load center
  • Load charts
  • Load weight determination
  • Attachments
  • Hazards associated with telehandlers
  • Inspection procedures
  • Operating techniques including:
    • Steering systems
    • Leveling systems
    • Travel with and without a load
    • Load pick up and deposit
    • Stacking loads and using racks
    • Ramps and grades
    • Trailer loading
    • Parking

Telehandler training is 16 hours in duration and begins with a classroom theory component that is followed by a written exam. The remainder of the session includes practical training which gives the students an opportunity to practice newly acquired skills prior to completing a practical evaluation.